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What are Crypto Payments?


  • Learn what is a crypto payment
  • Learn how to use a crypto payment
  • Learn about different methods of payment
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What is
crypto payment?

Cryptocurrency is typically used for speculation and investing, but it can also be used to make payments. Cryptocurrencies like BNB, BTC, and BUSD can be used to make payments. Large corporations such as Microsoft and Starbucks, as well as some small enterprises, are already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Typically, such transactions are carried out via payment services, which even allow you to pay for products and services using bitcoin, which is only accepted in fiat money. 

How do crypto payments work?

A crypto payment is just the transfer of cryptocurrency from one wallet to another. The recipient's public address is necessary for manual transfers. You can send money by copying the address into your wallet. Although it appears straightforward, for a novice, this method can appear complicated and scary.

It is not commonplace for users to make irreversible mistakes, such as transmitting the incorrect type of cryptocurrency or selecting the incorrect blockchain network.

Basics of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

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