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What is Bitcoin?


  • Find out what is a bitcoin
  • Learn how tu buy a bitcoin
  • Learn how to use a bitcoin
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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. However, unlike fiat currencies, it is not controlled by a central bank. Instead, thousands of computers distributed around the world run the Bitcoin financial system. Downloading open-source software allows anyone to participate in the ecosystem.

What is Bitcoin used for?

Bitcoin is used for a variety of purposes. Many people like it because it is permissionless—anyone with an Internet connection can send and receive it. It's similar to cash in that no one can stop you from using it, but because it's digital, it can be transferred globally.

Basics of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

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Joseph Bonneau

Associate Professor Of Cybersecurity
Computing and Information Systems

Joseph is an Associate Professor whose work focuses on applied crypto, cryptocurrencies, and econonomic and human factors in security. He is a co-author of the textbook "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction."
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